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Unfortunately, to date, there has been an increasing number of clients who fail to attend their consultations with Nest Health Clinic, or provide limited notice. The lack of notice means Nest Health Clinic is unable to fill the empty consult from the cancellation list, placing other clients at risk.

To assist in overcoming this trend, Nest Health Clinic has developed a Failed To Attend & Late Cancellation Policy.


Expected outcome

A reduction in the quantity of non-attended consultations


Effective Date

This policy is in effect from 1st July 2020



  • By accepting an appointment time at the time the booking is made, the Client agrees to adhere to the Failure To Attend & Late Cancellation Policy 
  • Clients are required to attend their scheduled consultations, unless adequate notice is provided. Adequate notice is deemed four (4) hours notice prior to start time of consult. 
  • Clients are provided with a reminder the day before their consult, as a courtesy, either via SMS text or email, unless the client declines this offer 
  • By accepting an appointment time at the time the booking is made, the Client acknowledges that any subsequent reminder phone calls or text messages are a courtesy service and that the late cancellation and failure to attend policy stands from the time of the initial booking, irrespective of any reminder services 
  • Failure to attend a consult is deemed to have occurred if: 
  • The Client does not attend their scheduled consult 
  • The Client attends the consult, but arrives later than ten (10) minutes after the consult start time 
  • The Client cancels their consult but provides less than four (4) hours notice 
  • If a Client has been deemed as Failed To Attend, they may, be issued a Non-Attendance Fee  as per Nest Health Clinic’s fee schedule ( currently set at $45AUD). This fee is subject to change 
  •  Non-Attendance fees must be paid within fourteen (14) calendar days of the cancelled appointment 
  • If a Non-Attendance fee has been issued, and not paid within the fourteen day invoice period, this fee is to be collected before providing the client with a new consultation. 
  • Nest Health Clinic reserves the right to discharge from our service an individual who has been deemed to have Failed To Attend two (2) consecutive consults. This individual shall be referred to another provider or to the referring provider.  A consult would only provided by Nest Health Clinic in an emergency situation that would detrimentally put the client at risk of harm. 


By ticking the box on the Client Registration Form, all Clients agree to these conditions



For further information regarding the Nest Health Clinic Failed To Attend & Late Cancellation Policy, please phone (03) 8759 6477